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Parameter of TJL miners cap lamp(mining lamp, miners headlamp)

Model: KL6L7M
LED Quantit:y 1pc+6pcs
Battery: 6Ah Li-ion
Primary LED Light Intensity: >=3000Lx
Primary LED Lighting Time: >=16H
Auxiliary LED Lighting Time: >= 45H
Weight (exclude cable ) : 0.48KG
Battery cycle life: >500 times
Rated voltage: 3.7V

FEATURES of TJL miners cap lamp (mining lamp) :

1) Li-ion battery with longer lifetime and free of maintainence

2) LED light with Lifetime of >38000 working hours.

3) Explosion proof

4) Light weight:about 0.48kg

5) compact sie: small in battery(3.75 inch x 2.38 x 1)

6) Energy saving

7) Longer lighting time:>24H for main/primary lighting,

8) Light intensity:more than 3500 Lux (1 meter)

9) specially designed charger to match or using your own charger

10) Well designed charging board and accessories equipped with
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