Sell capacitor X2

capacitor X2
Metallized polyester film capacitor class(X2)
Features and Uses
1. non-inductively
2. the identical outer appearance
3. high insulation resistance, long life due to self-healing effect
4. withstanding 2.5KV impulse voltage
5. used in across-the-line-type noise suppression and AC purpose

Reference Standard: GB/T14472(IEC60384-14)
Climatic Category:40/100/21
Rated voltage: 280VAC
Capacitance range: 0.0047-4.7uf
Voltage proof: 4.3UR(5S)
Dissipation Factor: <=0.014(10K Hz,200)
Insulation Resistance:
>=15000M(Ohms) CR<=0.335F
>=5000S CR>0.335F(200,1min)