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CAR(MOTORCYCLE) HEADLIGHT BRIGHTER:Is used to solve a car headlight brightness inadequate power compensation devices.
Working principles:
Through the efficient performance power components embedded, from the vehicle unstable power, generation components for filter, isolation, boost, stable handling, separate vehicle headlamps for the best work to provide a stable voltage, and the adoption of headlamps with built-in detection system for monitoring management, in a cold attitude, short circuit, over pressure, overheating protection, and other circumstances. Therefore, the original truck lines will not increase current, but reduced to the level of control currents milliampere, play a protective role on the original car lines. And effectively guarantee battery bulbs activated currents will not be affected by shocks.
Monitoring function to prevent headlamps burning
Separate vehicle headlamps to provide the best working voltage constant, the voltage in the car headlamps, maximum luminous efficiency, Light colour and temperature nearly solar, it is not easy to eye fatigue.
On the other hand, for monitoring the management of headlamps, in all circumstances, while providing protection, some do not have the original cars senior functional, minimizing the use of headlamps during the actual burning of failures and accidents.
For example: Initial fire(Cold state lighting) , automatically lower filament currents, make an impact without filament, extended filament life; 0.6 seconds lapse into the status of work throughout the state, conditioning filament voltage to the best work in normal working condition headlamps.
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