Sell car GSM burglar alarm dial security system

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Your car lock is not enough , also GPS system can only be a tracker after your car is stolen , so you need this smart system to help you stop the theft during or after it happen.
More functions please see below :
1. Anti-theft :It'll dial the preset tel No. or send SMS when a car theft happen, light&siren can be choosed at the same time.
2. Anti-rob:when a robbery happen, driver can press the emergent button to call the preset tel No. , the call receiver can hear the sound , shout at the robber, and stop the car power or gasoline so that robber can't drive.
3. Faraway control by telephone with password .
4. Wireless hands free telephone in car, assure safe drive .
5. Auto remind driver after 10 secs. to arm the car if he/she forget to arm.
6. Auto remind driver whether the car is in GSM web service range.
7. Can exactly know from mobile phone SMS or web where is the car .
8. Only need mobile phone SIM card to support , no need extra service fee .
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