Sell car air purifier with more advantages of luxury use

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Item: Car Air Purifier
Model No. : SY-A201
Input: DC12V
Rated Current: 0.3Am
Rated Air Output: 24m3/h
Air Volume Purified: 12m3/h
Purification Efficiency: 50%
Sizes: 150x130x70mm
Gift Box: 165x140x85mm
Net Weight: 350g
Gross Weight: 450g
Painting Colors: Silver White, Silver Gray or others
Packing: Neutral Color Box
Accessory: Car Kit Plug

Major Functions:
(1) Quickly decompose the harmful gases like benzene and formaldehyde inside a car! Quickly clear away the smog caused by smoking inside a car!
(2) Rapidly decompose automobile exhaust and petrol odor!
(3) Rapidly decompose malodor and peculiar smell inside a car! Quickly kill the bacteria, virus and acarid inside a car! Especially, equipped with a built-in personalized fumigant releasing fragrance. . .

Five Layers Purification:
Layer 1: static filtration to filter dust and impurity.
Layer 2: Extremely strong and effective filter to remove smoke, mustiness and automobile exhaust.
Layer 3: High efficient photo-catalyze purification net: release oxyhydrogen free radicals with extremely strong oxidation to kill various bacteria and pathogens and decompose the organics in the air.
Layer 4: high watt ultraviolet lamp to effectively kill various bacteria and pathogens.
Layer 5: High efficient photo-catalyze purification net: enhance sterilization and decomposition of harmful organics and generate anion.

Working Principle: Nano-photocatalyze technology and fragrance