Sell car mp3 player

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1) Able to change the audio signal into frequency
2) Fashionable and innovative design, you can enjoy Hi-Fi music in the car or boat, No need to change any original equipment and is convenient and economic .
3) Adopted frequency phase lock loop technology and 3D sound coding technology,
4) Just insert a USB flash diver, MP3, IPod , CD player or other audio device via the audio cable;
5) Audio input and output
6) Resumes playback from the last frequency and track number even if it is restarted
7) Surface with nanometer technology

1. Capacity: no flash memory
2. Support: connect with the USB flash diver and MP3 play or other audio
3. FM radio:87.7 to 88.9MHZ
4. Power:12V DC (using car cigarette lighter jack)
5. Usb: standard USB2.0 port, high-speed transmission
6. Color: black/white/walnut color

1. Copy your MP3 music files into any USB drive or MP3/4 player
2. Plug the USB drive into car MP3 Player in your car cigarette lighter jack .
3. Press CH key-switch frequency to any one (87.7MHZ to 88.9MHZ)
4. Open your car radio and switch it to FM band, Make sure the receiving frequency is same as the transmit frequency.
5. Press the button and the red LED changes to flash quickly, when the player turns to play state,
The Car Audio can search the music signal of transmission of this machine.

Inner packing: Outer packing: 60pcs/ctn
N. W. : 30g Carton dimensions: 46.8*38*52.3cm (plastic bo