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1) New car mp3 player :build-in flash (128M-1G) for MP3
2) Use the plug-in car lighter as the power supply free;
3) Change audio signal into FM signal and transmits wirelessly, and You could enjoy mp3 music in u-disk via car radio without earphone;
4) Car wireless patent technology: making the disturbance from outside, The sound effect is wonderful, extreme music experience;
5) Car sound transfer: Two interface for mp3 Connected to many frequency equipments, like MP3\PDA\CD\DV\Portable DVD etc;
6) Good memory function: can remember the song played last time;
7) Two FM channel 88.9MHZ, 107.9MHZ, needn't change FM channel to make sound good. The good sound effect is stable;
8) Support MP3 etc format;
9) Four Press on NEXT\PREV\PLAY\CH. CH Press adjust the channel setting; 10) USB high-speed;