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This is a MP3 Player special used in a car. It can download MP3/ WMA/ WAV/ WMV/ ASF
Formats file from the computer directly and save it in the inner flash memory. Qualified CMOS chip is used to decode MP3 file into audio frequency signal, then through stereo chip. It is transferred to FM high frequency signal, and music be played by FM radio of Car.

When on the stand-by state, it can also transmit an audio sound from the mp3 player, CD player, MD player or other audio source via earphone jack, then re-broadcasted through car audio.

Character and Function:
1. Mobile call-in sound silent function is applied to GSM system mobile phones within1.5 meter between product and mobile phone. If mobile phone received or transmitted signals when car stereo is playing music, music can be automatically kept silent and resumed again until signals end up. In this way, it can improve call convenience and security when driving.
2. Standard USB1.1/USB2.0, with high speed transmission.
3. With inner flash memory (128M, 256M, 512M) , can be directly used as an USB Disk.
4. Decode the music formats of MP3/WMA/WAV/WMV/ASF files.
5. Listen music with earphone.
6. Can transmit external audio sources (CD/MP3 player) through audio signal input jack.
7. Broadcasting Frequency Pre-sets and indicators by using wheel not button. 87.7/ 87.9/ 88.1/ 88.3/ 88.5/ 88.7/ 88.9MHz (7 stations) .
8. External magnetic antenna makes sure to enjoy good music with low noise normally on the area of strong signal.
9. Power from Car lighter directly (DC9-24V) , can be used in any car.
10. No need to change any device of car, plug and play.
11. Product has applied for a patent.
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