Sell car seat cover(S117)

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1) Variety colors and designs available
2) Universally fit
3) Easy to be fixed and taken off
4) Materials: high quality clothes
5) Also can be produced according to your special requirements

Universal Fit Seat Cover Installation Instructions
1. Remove headrests.
2. Place seat cover over the top of seat and pull it down over the seat.
3. Place bottom of seat cover snugly over seat bottom.
4. Fasten elastic straps under seat with supplied "S" hooks.
5. Tie the supplied cord in position to ensure that the seat cover is held in shape.
6. Make sure that seat cover is correctly installed.
7. With a sharp instrument (razor blade, knife, scissors, etc. . . . ) , cut small holes for your headrest or latches only after the cover is completely installed.
8. Re-insert the headrest into your seat.

Easy Cleaning Procedures For your new automotive seat covers
1. Liquid Stains should be allowed to dry and then cleaned with a sponge and a common household suds detergent.
2. Dirty oil and grease stains should be first spot cleaned with a cleaning fluid containing Naptha to remove the solvent soluble matter. Any stain residue should be cleaned by a shampoo employing a household upholstery cleaner, such as Carbona upholstery and rug shampoo or Woolite upholstery shampoo.
3. It is always best to use a carpet cleaner on the Seat Cover while it is on the seat. That way you will avoid unnecessarily taking the Seat Cover off and on the Seat. Always read the instructions carefully before cleaning any seat cover fabric to make sure that it is compatible with the fabric being cleaned.