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Material: High quality Australia sheepskin
Process: It adopts high processing technic and refined after 5 important processes, such as tanning, washing, dyeing, trimming, degreasing and ironing.
Features: the product has such characteristics: soft, high toughness, long and dense fur, high luster, warm preservation, moisture proof, mould proof, mothproof; Fashionable design, bright in color, exquisite workmanship; Ultra-low formaldehyde containing, zero chemical substances residue, ensure safety skin contact, healthy and environmental protection.
1. Sheepskin wool is ventilated. Its fibers breathe, the hollow fibers form an air flow layer. The free flow of air between you and the sheepskin fibers is a comforting change from the clamminess of leather and vinyl.
2. Sheepskin is a naturally thermostatic material. This means that while you're wearing sheepskin, it's automatically regulating your body temperature.
3. The benefit of wool is that it is tubular structure, and is unique in that the resilience and springiness of wool pile distributes pressure evenly over the body. This allows air circulation and the non build up of moisture. It keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. So sheepskin car seat covers offer the ultimate in driving comfort.
4. Wool product has a good effective cure for arthritis and rheumatism. The rich elasticity of the density wool can improve the human body micro-circulation and it is static-free.
5. Fur is a fashion mark of modern family. Colored and handcrafted in a subtle mix of designs and hues, the worlds finest natural sheepskin creates a feeling of luxury and style in the homes of today.
6: It is the best gift for your family members and friends!
Specification: Standard car cushion size (a set of five fission,
Front seat cover set: 2 pieces, rear back cover set: 2 pieces, bench seat cover set: 1 piece)
Front seat covers (2 items) : length 135-137cm width: 50-55cm
Second row rear seat covers (2 items) :length 84-87cm width:50-55cm
Bench seat covers: length 130-135cm width: 40-45cm
Surrounding fur 5cm-8cm [middle part 2cm-3cm]
Wool length: 60mm-80mm
Sheepskin belongs to animal fur, no one is able to give a strictly standard size, and the size we give is just a basic scope.
Adaptable automobile style [all the small and medium-sized car]
Personal customization: According to customer's requirements to make various products, such as wool mat, backrest, sofa cushions, carpet, and blanket and so on. We will try our best to meet old and new customers' demands.
Cleaning and maintenance
Daily maintenance

Brush up the wool pile with a sheepskin wire brush and shake out the skin as needed to make it restore the original nap. When you do not use it, please put it into a ventilated place; do not put the product into a packaging or long-term folding form. If use insect-resistant agent or mothballs, please packet it well in the gauze or paper, not to make it directly contact with the fur. Please clean dust of the product in fine weather. Due to the wool has resistant properties, you can just use a small stick gently pat it to keep it clean. When necessary, you can use small vacuum to make it clean. Allow to dry naturally and slowly. Do not dry it in direct heat or sunlight.
Cleaning method
1. If slight dirty, clean the leather with a clean brass to restore the nap of the leather fibers. Then, use a clean towel to remove the soap residue, try your best not to wet the suede and air it in the shade in time. When necessary, dry it with a dryer.
2, According to the instruction, shake the detergent and spray it on dirt from the distance of 15-20 centimeters. After it becomes white and dry, pat it with a stick to get rid of the dirty power. For stubborn dirt, wash it more times.
3. If stain persists, contact a professional cleaner and be sure they use cleaners designed for wool and natural fibers. Do not wash it by yourself or send it to the no quality assurance cleaners.
1, Away from high temperature (such as boiling water, electric blanket, sun) and caustic detergent.
2, If it is the packing or long-term fold that make the surface wool sag, please unfold and shake out it. Sheepskin will return, in time, to its constituent elements.
3, Keep it in ventilated place. Do not fold and weight it for a long time. Keep the mothballs distance with the product. Please dry it in the ventilated or shade places before storage.
4. The wool will become slight curly after a long time use, you can tap its surfaces, with a small stick, and then it will become smooth, soft, and clean
For readers
Wool products will out of shape easily during the period of packing and mailing. So after receiving the product, please shake out it. The more you shake, the better it will become. After using a period of time or spilling water on it, expose it to direct sunlight for a day. When dry, strike it with a small stick or brush the fur out with a wire brush if desired.
It is normal that the new fur product sometimes picking, so replacing a new purchase or return it will not be accepted. Sheepskin is a pure organic product, unlike any other fiber in the world.
Fur goods are emotional consumption, the reasons such as color, not beautiful than imagination and so on will not be accepted for returning purchase or replacement.

Shopping on internet has certain risks for both consumers and sellers. We hope that you buy product prudently. If you have any questions, please consult us before buying.