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As living standards improve and life is richer, films with better functions are in great demand.
In other words, not only films with optimal vividness and maximum visible light transmission are enough
but also a high sunlight blocking function is required.
Consequently, a new product, a heat shielding film came into being to meet the needs.

Heat Shielding Film is also called " IR Cutter Film " compared to other films, its brightness and the infrared reflected
are maximized, after applying regular high-transparent films to high-transparent metalized coating films
and adhering IR Cutter to the surface.
So far, only a few companies in the world are capable of producing this film.
The production of this film results from nano-technology, a new technology, and the technology to process
high-accuracy adhesion films.

Car window, Grand restaurant, Fast food chain, Show room and displayer of hudge building
Front side glass and balcony of apartment

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