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My company is Produce Automobile glass And PVB Film.

auto glass is approximately three to five times stronger than that of ordinary float glass, and although the glass still breaks the way ordinary glass does, the fragments adhere to the interlayer PVB - break but not shatter, so the people will not be injured, we call the interlayer PVB as Safety Net.

For Automotive Safety Glass, we can supply all kinds of the glass for domestic vehicles, Japanese vehicles, European Vehicles, American vehicles' laminated front windshield, tempered back glass, side/sliding/door glass from 1975 to date. Our products have been well-sold all over China and exported to America, South-East Asia, Middle-East and Africa and etc. over thirties countries. And company has passed ISO9000, GMPC, China Compulsory Certification ( CCC ) , DOT and ECE R43.
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