Sell car wireless  rear-view security system

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Reversing is a tricky business, especially when you are not able to see what is behind you. as soon as you engage reverse gear there are risks everywhere: children playing, tight parking spaces, unfamiliar loading ramps and a whole host of un-foreseen dangers. Vehicle Rear view System give a clear overview of what is happening behind the vehicle, they proactively improve road traffic safety. You can also monitor what is happening inside your vehicle or trailer, and, depending on the system, you can record the pictures using a connected video recorder.

This complete system includes the following components:
2 Sets High Resolution Color Wireless CCD Camera, Built-In Infrared Illuminators & 2.4 GHz Transmitter
High Resolution 7" Color TFT-LCD Digital CCD CATV, Built-In Speaker, Picture Reversing turn left/right function
Power Input DC11~32V controlled by switching box, Built-In 2.4 GHz Manual & Automatic Channel Scanning Receiver
All Required Electrical Cables & Connectors and Mounting Brackets
1. signal transmit no need complex connect-wire layout, adopt wireless transmission is easy to install
2. The system suitable for vehicles working wide voltage range application
3. Automatic/manual monitor ON /OFF pushbutton can save the electrical source
4. The system is suit to Picture auto Reversing turn left/right function
5. Choose manual or auto sequential switching between 2 wireless cameras,
6. Additional RCA outputs for audio / video equipment
7. The camera Alloyed shell and water-proof designed for outdoor usage
8. High-resolution image and wide field of view CCD camera built in IR LED night vision function
9. High quality 7 Color TFT-LCD digital video CATV with two video frequency input (AV1, AV2, AV3)

2.4 GHz Transmitter Color wireless CCD Camera (Model: DF-4103W)
Estimate of 100 meter wireless transmission distance without block
420 TV Lines resolution image sensor
Alloyed shell and water-proof designed for outdoor usage
110 degree wide angle precision micro lens
High intensity infrared night vision illuminators (Built In 18 IR on)
Aircraft grade weatherproof connectors
Built-in & omni-directional antenna
6.8 G-force rated shock resistant
IP66 Waterproof resistance grade
Heavy duty adjustable steel mounting bracket
Video Output:1.0V p-p 75(Ohms)
Power supply: DC12~24V110% 400mA
Dimensions: (Width) 68mmX(Height) 42mmX(Thickness) 53mm (not including bracket or antenna)

7 inches Digital LCD Color CATV(Model: SP-705)
High quality 7" COLOR TFT-LCD digital video CATV
Shock resistant, designed specifically for mobile use
Five languages OSD menu: Chinese, English, Russian, German and Arabic
Picture turn up/down or turn left/right function
Super sharp high picture with 1440 (h) x 234 (v) resolution
0.107 (h) x 0.372 (v) dot pitch, 150:1 contrast, 300cd/m2 brightness
150 (up) , 350 (down) , 550 (left/right) maximum viewable monitor offset
The display with three video frequency input (AV1, AV2, AV3) Automatic/manual switcher
Includes flat surface / in-dash and adjustable universal mounts
Front panel controls with on-screen menu
Full function wireless remote control
Silver high impact CATV enclosure
Built-in speaker and earphones included.
Video input: 1VP-P one way
Power supply: DC12V/800mA
Outer Dimensions: (Width) 200mmX(Height) 134mmX(Thickness) 32mm
Weight: around 558g

Power Controled and Wireless Receiver by Switching Box :
Highest quality 2.4 GHz matched transmitter & receiver
Estimate of 100 meter wireless transmission distance
Internal camera transmitter - no separate unit to install or power
Two channel receiver - manual channel selection or automatic scanning
Flexible omni-directional transmitter antenna - no need to 'aim' toward receiver
Flexible omni-directional receiver antenna rotates 360 degrees for easy installation
Heavy duty alloyed shell receiver enclosure with external controls and mounting holes
Input voltage: DC11V-DC36V Output voltage: DC12V+10%
Dimensions: (Width) 102mmX(Height) 70mmX(Thickness) 38mm (not including antenna or mounting flange)
Weight: 500g

Electrical & Hardware Accessories:
2 Meter electrical cables(electrical outlet for aircraft )
Flat surface / in dash and universal CATV mounts
Full function wireless remote controller,
Automobile power supply adapter
User Manual