Sell carbon black N330 N339 N326

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N330 is a kind of carbon black which has good excess weld metal performance, can give the micelle better original properties, tear resistance, wearability and elasticity. It is mainly used in the tire tread, cord fabric, tyre sidewall and various kinds of products of rubber industry.

At the aspect of the excess weld metal performance, wear-resisting performance and the crack growth resistance performance, the N339's is closer to the N220 carbon black's; it is especially suitable for the styrene-butadiene rubber and cis-buna system. It is mainly used in truck tread rubber, conveyer belt, rubber tube and various kinds of rubber industry products which have high wearability demand.

N326 has higher tensile strength, tearing toughness, wear resistance and resists and tears the intensity , wearability and anti-cracking performance in the natural rubber. It is mainly used in such tyre tread rubbers which require high intensity and low heat generation(including the off the road tyre) , also suitable for conveyer belt, sealed products and other high-quality products of rubber industry.