Sell carbon steel flange

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We, Shijiazhuang Fortune Industrial & Trading Co. , Ltd, supply various of steel flange and flange cover such as American standard, Japanese standard, DIN standard with the details as follow:
1. American standard
ANSI B16.5 A 105 AP16A.6B. MSS SP44 AWWAC207 105LB.300LB. 600LB.900LB. SLIP-ON. welding neck socket welding threaded. LAP joint blind.
2. DIN standard
DIN 2527 PN6. PN10. PN16. PN25. PN40. PN64 blind
DIN 2573.2576.2641.2642.2655.2656PLATE
DIN 2627-2638.28030-28038.86030 welding neck
3. UNI standard
UNI 2276.2277.2278 PLATE UNI 2281. 2282.2283. 2284 welding neck
UNI 2253.2254.2255 thread UNI 6091.6092. 6093 blind
4. BRITISH standard
BS4504 PN10. PN16. PN25. PN40. PLATE. SLIP-ON
5. JIS standard
JIS/KS B2220 5K 10K 16K 20K PLATE. BLIND