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CMC: The sodium carboxymethyl cellulose is cellulose ether of high polymer structure. Its molecular formula is C6H7O2(OH)2OCH2COONa. CMC is a kind of white grain and fibrous powder which are nontoxic and easy to absorb water. It has good water solubility, stickiness, emulsification, diffusibility, enzyme resistance and thermal stability. The transparency of its solution gets corresponding improvement with the increase of substitution degree. The water solubility of CMC presents neutral or light alkalescence. It will precipitate when meeting the metallic ion with more than bivalence.

Because CMC has the above-mentioned characteristics, it can be used as sizing agent, emulsifying agent, thickening agent, stabilizer, suspending agent, detergency promoter, bright finish, , crystallization preventing agent. So, it is widely used in fields such as textile, printing and dyeing, oil, drillings, papermaking, leather, printing ink, ceramics, man-made fur, synthetic detergent, toothpaste, daily-use chemicals, coatings, pencil core, ceramic stamp-pad ink, cigarette, culture and education, civil paste, food and drugs.
The difference between the edible CMC and general industrial CMC lies in the strict hygiene requirement for food for the former. The content of chloride and heavy metals like arsenic and iron are strictly controlled below national standards. For that reason, we remind the users to distinguish strictly when choosing products.
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