Sell carboxymethyl cellulose

carboxymethyl cellulose You May Also Be Interested In: carboxymethyl cellulose cellulose drilling fluid soluble salts thickening agent

white or slight yellow floc-like fiber powder or white powder, odorless, tasteless, no toxicity; disolved in cold water or hot water, solution is basic or neutral, its solution is stable in ph of 2-10, color-changed temp. is 2270, charring temp. is 2520, the surface tension of 2% solution is 71mn/n
Uses of CMC :

CMC can increase the viscosity of solution, it is is considered potentially harmless biologically to the human. therefore it can be used in the thickening, dispersion, emulsification, suspension and colloid protection of food, medicine, daily chemicals petroleum, papermaking, , textile and construction field.

⑴ The drilling , well-digging of petroleum and natural gas
1. . The CMC slurry can form a filter cake on the wall of well to lower the water loss of well.
2. CMC can help slurry release the gas and dischaarge the broken matter
3. CMC can prolong the existing period of drilling fluid
4. CMC drilling fluid is seldom infected by mould , the high PH value and antiseptic are unnecessary

5. CMC can be used as flush fluid to reduce the pollutation of soluble-salts
6. CMC slurry can work well in 1500
You can choose CMC according to your requirements and local conditions.

⑵ used as sizing agent of cotton, silk, wool, chemical fiber and blending textile

⑶ used as smoothing agent and sizing agent of papermaking, 0.1%~0.3% of CMC can increase 40%~50% of intension, 50% of compression breakage resistance and 4 to 5 times of flexibility

(4) used as dirty adsorbent of detergent, the gel base of toothpaste, thickening agent and emulsifier of medicine, or used as mine selection

⑸ . used as adhesive, plasticizer, suspeending agent , color fixative of material

⑹ used in construction for water-keeping and reinforcement

⑺ used as thickening agent, adhesive and shaping agent of jam, juice, fruit juice, cake and ice cream.