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Number: 12172214116
Name: cast iron crusher
Spec: CIC-200
Class: metal crusher

Product Description
Hebei Xin Tian Long Hydraulic Machinery Factory R & D production of cast iron crusher, Using the hydraulic cylinders push the material, clamping, crushing, , comparing with the past used drop hammer, gas cutting, crushing , having the advantages of highly efficient, safe, time-saving, labor-saving . Casting furnace charge after crushing to facilitate investment and materials, greatly increased the efficiency and molten iron melting quality, is the preferred equipment for foundry Enterprise.

Can be produced according to the actual needs of the user pressure to 200-1000 tons of cast iron crusher.

Cast iron can be broken crusher types are: Large piece of scrap iron, melted iron, mechanical iron, malleable, blank mold iron, ferro alloys, silicon materials, aluminum alloy, burden of large cast-iron back, blank dies, engine block, cylinder body, cast iron scrap, scrap iron and other machines broken into small pieces of pig iron, to facilitate investment and furnace, to facilitate recovery of casting process, is an ideal crushing equipment for a casting factory and a medium-sized steel plant.

Used unit
Tianjin Seamless Steel Tube Plant, Fushun Special Steel, Ningxia Shizuishan Steel and so on.
Notes: can design 200-1000 tons of pressure on a large gantry cutting crusher which can broken cars, mainframe and other items.
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Supply Capacity
200 units per month
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28 days
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1 unit
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