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We are offering High quality steel shot with low carbon and bainitic microstructure. Our product finds great use in metallurgy and metal manufacturing industry for sanding of casts, degreasing and removal of remains of casting, removal of paints and varnishes, removal of enamel and corrosion, polishing and surface tempering.
Period of Durability  Ervin Test:

K50 = min. 2500 cycles
Chemical Structure:

C = 0.10  0.15%
Si = 0.10  0.15%
Mn = 0.6  1.00%
P = 0.035% (max)
S = 0.035% (max)
Specific Weight:

7.5 kg/dm3
Filling Weight:

4.4 kg/dm3

HRc = 41  45
HV = 420  480
Brand Name
low carbon cast steel shot
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