Sell casting moulds, lost foam process

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we like to introduce you confidently by our specialitycasting process, and lost foam process. With our speciality technology of Alumium moulds and lost foam process casting, we provide you the best way of higher your profit and save your production cost/purchasing.
OUR LOST FOAM process casting will be designed according with your require of the products, dimension, spec. of materials, . . .
(1) lost foam process casting will be most suitable for all the parts production,
(2) Parts can be extremely complex in the lost foam process as is the case with all Lost Foam casting methods. (3) Parts such as engines heads, exhaust manifolds and pressure valves have all been successfully prototyped and cast. (4) Casting walls can be any thickness that is normally formed with Lost Foam toolingng cost for all of your current produucts.
A similar complex part made in production tooling requires multiple tool cavities, moving tool features and several setups to mold patterns pieces. Starting with production tooling methods without the benefit of what can be learned from the prototype part design is cost prohibitive, especially when realizing that most early designs are subject to significant change.
Starting with lost foam pattern methods, all potential design characteristics can be produced, analyzed in the casting and accepted or rejected without the need to produce any tooling.
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