Sell casting

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casting of mining machinery, ductile iron, vehicles, sand casting, mechanical expendable and architecture are produced in a vast number in our factory. they are made of carbon steel, alloy still and stainless steel, etc. with the weight from 50 grams to 150 kilograms (depenging on the actual design) . with the second operation, such as CNC Machining, Grinding, turning, driling, etc. , the available finishment, like polishing, chrome plating, etc. and some heat treatment operation, the shafts are excellent and high-qualified. they can be used as automotive and transportation parts, windmill parts, heavy electrical and switch-gears, and so forth.

The qualities are assured through chemical analysis, mechanical trsting and metallography and liquid-penetrant inspection. We aim to provide the most satisfactory products, and do our best to make our customers satisfied with not only our products, but also our service.