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We have particular expertise in supplying the following products:

1. Gray Iron and Ductile Iron Castings
*Gray Iron up to and including Grade 300
*Ductile Iron in grades 400/18, 450/10, 500/7
*Casting weights from under 2 lbs. and up to 11,000 lbs. or more (1 kg - 5 metric tons)

Typical popular products include Manhole and Covers, Decorating Castings, Motor Fans, Pump parts, Valve & Motor Housings; Wheels, Gears & Pulleys, Bearing Seats and more.

2. Stainless, Carbon and Alloy Steel Sand & Investment Castings
*Stainless Steel Alloys such as 304S15, 316S12
*Special Heat-Resistant Alloys such as HU, HT, HK and more
*Carbon and alloy steel such as 060A40, 060A45, 708M40 and more.

Typical popular products include Valves, Pumps, Gears, Marine applications, Motor parts and Engine parts.

3. Steel and Stainless Steel Forgings

Typical popular products include Gears, Wheels, Motor Parts, Hydraulic parts, Trucking & Automobile parts, Valve & Pump parts, Farm Implement parts, Heavy & Light engineered parts and Bicycle parts.

4. Metal Stampings (Blanking)
*All metals including steel, brass, copper, stainless, aluminum, etc.

Bearing Dust Covers, Electronic parts, Mechanical parts, bicycle parts, Automobile parts, etc.

5. Aluminum, Copper, Brass & Bronze Forgings, Sand, Die & Investment Castings

Gears, Wheels, Motor Parts, Hydraulic parts, Trucking & Automobile parts, Valve & Pump Parts, Farm Implement parts, Motor Bike Parts, Welding Industry, Heavy & light engineered parts, Bicycle parts, etc.

6. Complete Machining, Plating, Coatings, Heat Treatment, Assembly, CAD Design and more

Our foundries and machine shops are ISO9002 certified and equipped with advanced measuring equipment such as Spectrometers, Optical Comparators, Coordinate Measuring Machines, Mechanical Testing Equipment and more. We insure the highest quality parts supplied to your requirements.

We encourage you to allow us to provide a sample quote on your requirements. You will find our prices very competitive, our delivery as promised, our quality consistent, meeting all specifications and a proactive response team designed to anticipate your needs. we can meet your special demand if you can supply the drawings .