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Silica gel cat litter is also called cat sand, a revolutionary new and ideal cleanser for pet litter, which will deliver an exciting and completely innovative solution in cat litter, and it is often used as padding material in raising other pets. It has abundant micro pores inside and it is white beads inappearance. The non-toxic SiO2 is the product ingredient basically, so It is safe for people in domestic use. When it is used as padding material, silica gel cat litter can absorb liquid out of urine, solid waste, as well as the odor, quickly and completely, so it can keep the air fresh. Besides, cat litter can reduce pet litter greatly, because the new product can absorb more than 80% waste liquid of its own weight and to keep its dry appearance as usual. 1.5 inch thick litter is used as pet material when you raise one cat. One 4L bag ( or 3.6L) cat litter can last for up to one month.