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The cat litter CATS WC produced by UAB Tavilta can compete with imported cat litter products for its liquid and odour absorbing qualities. By certain parameters, namely by odour absorption, it is even ahead of some of the analogous products. The cat litter CATS WC is made of natural mineral absorbents (betonite or opoka) , which is ground and dried in high temperature. The litter is free of synthetic or chemical materials.
One of the biggest advantages of our product is the ability to instantly absorb a stain on the litter. The wet particles bond into one lump. Mineral pieces, which stick to the lump, prevent the odour from spreading. The lumped litter can be thrown out, while the rest dry part can be further used, thus you can save some money.
The product is totally safe and suitable for cats of all ages.
The cat litter CATS WC is available in a pack of 3 and 5 kg. The customer can also have a pack size and design of individual choice.