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The material for catalytic converter substrate  honeycomb ceramic is cordierite. The natural cordierite exists very rare in nature, so most of cordierites are man-made substances. The major features for such cordierite are low thermal expansion coefficient, good thermal shock resistance, high anti-acid, anti-alkali and antii-erosion function and good mechanical strength.
The major technical parameters for cordierite are as below:
Thermal Expansion Coefficient: 1.6~2.0x10-6/0 (20-800 0)
Absorption Rate: 20~30%
Inner Wall Thickness: 0.20+0.02mm
CPSI ( cell pieces per square inch) : 200-600
Bulk Density: 0.50+0.05 g/cm3
Crushing Strength: >=14 MPa (on the top)
>= 4 MPa (on the side)
Soften temperature: >=13600
The usual CPSI for catalytic converter substrate is 400. The shape of honeycomb ceramic is round, racetrack, ellipse and other special shape according to the customer's requirement in order to meet the different cars models requirements.