Sell catfish, tilapia, sturgeon. snapper, red fish, shrimp

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The catfish:
Latin name: Ictalurns Punctacus (Channel Catfish)
I. Q. F. Catfish Fillet N. W. 90% Glazing 10%
Size: 3-5 oz; 5-7 oz; 7-9 oz; 9 up
Origin: China

The tilapia:
Latin name: Linnaeus (Tilapia Nilotica)
I. Q. F. Tilapia W/R Scaled & Gutted N. W. 90% Glazing 10%
I. Q. F. Tilapia Fillet Normal-Skinned/Deep Skinned Co Treated N. W. 90% Glazing 10%
Size: 2-3 oz; 3-5 oz; 5-7oz; 7-9 oz; 9 up

The sturgeon:
1. H&G
2. steaks
3. loin