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Packaging: The 12 / dozen; 50 dozen / case; Carton size: 30 * 28.5 * 32.5CM3 / box uses Medical: gut line is for pairs of human tissue in medical and surgical suture ligation with the performance characteristics of elements: from the origin cattle or sheep intestine sub-mucosa intestinal serosal fibrous layer of clean muscle connective tissue (mostly collagen) composition. Structure: single strand, wire body smooth Absorption: absorbed by the protease decomposition
Wire Size: USP6 / 0 to USP4 with needle: 1 / 2 arc  (8mm-60mm) 3 / 8 arc  (8mm-60mm) 5 / 8 arc  (8mm-60mm) straight needle  (30mm-90mm)
Note: 1, Medical Catgut sterilization has been the use of bags before you check whether the damage, if damaged, please add 75% alcohol immersion disinfection, but not boiling and high-pressure sterilization. 2, Medical Catgut sterile aluminum foil flexible packaging, protective solution containing 2 ml, using an extremely convenient, as long as the line out from the packaging bag can be used. 3, Medical Catgut packaged, it should be stored in a cool dark place
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