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physicochemical Property : This product is light browncrystal, its melting point is37--420 Content:

Performance & Characteristic: mainly uses as the intermediate for producing the agrochemicals Imidacloprid and Acetamiprid and pharmaceuticals.
Packing Specifications:
In bulk(200kg) , specification:200L/drum
2-Chloro-5-Chloro Methyl Pyridine (CCMP)
1) Chemical name: 2-Chloro-5-Chloro Methyl Pyridine
2) Molecular formula: C6H5NCl2
3) Molecular weight: 162
4) Specifications:
Appearance: slight yellow solid or slight brown liquid
Content: 95% min.
Moisture: 1% max.
5) Application: intermediate for imidacloprid, acetamiprid and pharmaceuticals