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BH-201D integration of high-power cell phone signal jammers is my R & D and production of the latest products, antennas and the host to form a whole, avoiding the conventional high-power cell phone signal jammers antenna and the host needs to connect feeder and installation inconvenient questions. BH-201D sleek appearance, using ultra-high frequency wideband interference technology, plate directional antenna, interference radius of large, imported devices, soft-start circuit design to avoid sparking generated by the phenomenon of mechanical switches, the working stability.
This product is mainly used for special vehicles, prisons and other places, block radius of 100 meters. We can according to customer's needs, tailor-made range of 300-2000 meters.
Technical indicators and other parameters
Blocking frequency
Channel output power

900M 865 - 960MHz
11dBm/30kHz (min)

1805 - 1990MHz
8dBm/30kHz (min)

Block radius
@-75dBm (directional antenna main lobe)
50 ~ 120M

Other parameter index

Input Power

The maximum power dissipation

450 W 300 W 250mm

About 15kg
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