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1. Not needing to exchange the power under the sunshine, direct current can turn the light energy of the sun into directly. Can charge such small-scale electric apparatuses as cell-phone , digital camera , MP3-MP5 , etc. whenever and wherever possible. Is it go on a tour personage to like, often on business personage , outdoor exercises personage , indispensable companion , business of worker.
2. High-efficient solar cell , the lithium battery of built-in energy storage, use when the electricity is urgent that can substitute the bad for the good at leisure . There is various types of cell-phone that charges the plug , is suitable for all type cell-phones and other electric apparatuses. Dispel the vexation that lacking electricity , losing electrical power , outdoor sports use up the battery time once in a while completely.
3. Charge it fast, can charge cell-phone , etc. after the sunshine shines for 3 minutes when there is no electricity, and can charge the cell-phone while the sunshine shines the solar cell to charge .
4. Charge and show the function, can choose three pieces of function location of " charging (CH ) " , " noload position (OFF ) " , " LED "
5. Take high light to give out light LED flashlight , help the illumination use at night.
6. Handsome in appearance and luxurious, design ultrathinly, attractive designs, there can be many kinds of color choices. Pretty and cleverly-made, carry it conveniently, attractive in packing. Use the pioneer of the green clean energy, being graceful, fashion give a present the good merchantable brand.
7. The fittings in reserve: Have matched AC switch power charger that high performance used without sunshine; Many specifications change the plug (Nokia, Motorola, asks for the love, Samsung, NEC-100, digital camera, USB , etc. ) .
Our company can accept and stick to the card and produce this product business in batches .