Sell cellulose fiber and mineral composite fiber

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1. Cellulose fiber:
Main components: nature cellulose
Characteristics and application:
Easily dispersed, no need pre-open-processing, good cold-enhancing effect and high intensity, it can improve the intensity of the brake linings and used better than other products.
Recommendatory dosage:Brake drum: 5-20%, Brake disc: 3-10%
2. Mineral Composite Fiber:
Main components: man-made rockwool, organic fibers and surface treating agent
Characteristics and applications:
Good decentrality, can be used well in all types of mixers, in the process of producing, we put in organic fibers and do some treatment on the surface of rockwool to make it has good cold effect, can be used well in brake linings, and dont need additional organic fiber.
Recommendatory dosage:Brake drum: 25-40%, Brake disc: 5-20%