Sell cellulose sponge

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Different from the chemical sponges for puffs prevailing on market, our cellulose sponge serials are manufactured with pure natural wooden pulp imported from Canada or America as main materials. For the products do not stimulate skin and has a strong water absorption. After soapping they will expand quickly and their elasticity also gets improved.
2. Different from the common chemical sponge products, our sponge serials will expand quickly after soapping and has a soft fabric.
The products can engender abundant foam when putting little lotion on its surface and show a strong cleansing effect.
3. For the abundant foam, the products can thoroughly clean the dirty in pores, do not mildew after drying, are ideal sanitation necessary.
4. For manufactured with pure natural wood pulp as mainly materials, the sponge serials abandoned can automatically decompose and corrupt, also do not emit any pollutant gas when burning.