Sell cement bag, fertilizer bag, woven sack machine, equipment

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This line includes PP, PE flat and round yarn production line, circular loom to weave fabric, cutting and sewing machines, at the end, baling machine is required.

the machine is a kind of equipment to produce circular cylinder woven of PP or PE plastic flat yarn. The 4-shuttle and 6-shuttle circular loom can weave woven bags of all specification.

Our circular loom has a long history and particular technics. After continual innovation, we have acquired many country patent, such as No. ZL00244258.2, ZL01227633.2, ZL99219360.5, ZL99206601.8.

And the new type 6-shuttle loom has obtained a patent which has its honor to have gained a World Invention Golden Medal certificate of the 51th Eureka.
In comparison with others, our circular loom is with wonderful performance such as high speed, low energy consumption, smooth running, low noise, reasonable structure, advanced design, long working life, easy operation and convenient maintenance, high production efficiency, etc. It has high precise warp and weft breakage detecting system and can make smooth looking of the cloth product.
The machine can weave flat yarn of different quality, even 100 recycled material flat yarn.

Main Technical Parameter
Model S-YZJ-4/750B S-YZJ-6/750A S-YZJ-6/750B

Number of shuttle 4 6 6
Weaving folding width 350-750mm 350-750mm 350-750mm
Max. number of warp 640 720 720
Revolution of main motor 100-180r/min 120-160r/min 100-140r/min
Production capability (10W10) 1000-1800mm 1800-2400mm 1500-2100mm
Total power 4.5kw 4.5kw 4.5kw
Noise <85db <75db <85db
Weight (About) 3000kg 3200kg 3000kg
Overall dimension (LWWWH) 9000W2400W2730mm 8500W2300W2800mm 9000W2400W2730mm