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We are ready and able to supply Cement Portland (42.5R) as per the following
terms and Conditions:
1-Quantity: Minimum 100,000 m. t. .
2-Delivery : C&F - ASWP 30-45 days after the buyer's L/C is accepted at the
sellers bank. The buyer to confirm that the pre decided quantity will be
unloaded in a stipulated period of time and the relavant port has the adequate
draft for docking of the ship of a particular capacity.
3-Shipment : One shipment of the contract quantity of 12,500 m. t.
4-Inspection : By SGS/Lloyds agency at loading port on Seller's cost.
5-Origin : TURKEY / or sellers choice
6-Packing : 50Kg Brown Bags (3kraft plus liner + 1 liner Polypropylene) / Bulk.
7-Performance Bond : 2 % of shipment value
8-Payment : Irrevocable , Transferable, Revolving Letter of Credit Confirmed by
a First Class Bank, payable upon first presentation of documents . The payment
to be made by the Buyer's bank on the basis of shipping documents received. The
Buyer to ensure minimum unloading of 2000MT per day. Any quantity less than that
will increase the number of days of Unloading and the cost of port charges for
the extra number of days to be borne by the Buyer.
9-Price: US$ 57 m. t. C&F ASWP
10-Specifications 42.5R:
Type 1 : Cement 42.5 (450) -Portland :CEM 42.5 R
Expansion : (Le Chatelier ) Mn 0.9
Fineness . air permeability : Cm2/g 3560

Setting Time :
Beginning Min : 125
End Min : 170
Added Water % : 26.4
Compressive strength 2 days : N/mm2
Compressive strength 28 days : N/mm2 60.5
Loss on ignition % : 2.43
Chloride content % : 0.012
Insoluble residue % : 0.42
Sulfur (as SO3) % : 1.61
Na2O % : 0.13
K2O % : 0.40
Alkali content : Na2O + K2O x 0.658 % : 0.39
11. PENALTY CLAUSE: In the event of default, the defaulting party shall have to
pay to the other party a penalty of 3% of the shipment value.
We are reserving the right to deal with several manufacturers of our choice to
fecilitate the smooth delivery to our buyers.
With our best wishes,

Supply Capacity
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Minimum Order Quantity
100,000 MT
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale
50 KG