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to sell the cement as follow:
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Ordinary portland cement grade 42.5

According to british standards 12/1996 or ASTM c-150

Min order: 12,500MT
Max order: 30 Millions MT

Origin: CIS or Asia countries at seller's option

Chemical composition
Silicon dioxide (sio2) 21.00
Aluminium oxide (a12o3) 5.30
Ferric oxide (fe2o3) 3.30
Calcium oxide (cao) 65.60
Magnesium oxide (mgo) 1.10
Sulphur trioxide (so3) 2.70
Loss of ignition (loi) 0.90
Tricalcium silicate (c3s) 60.00
Dicalcium silicate (c2s) 15.00
Tricalcium aluminate (c3a) 8.05
Tricalcium alumino ferrice (c4af) 9.76

Physical and mechanical properties
Blain cm2/gr 3.250
Autoclave expantion 0.02
Initial setting time (vicat) 105 minutes
Final setting time (vicat) 135 minutes
Compressive strength @ 03 days 230 KG/cm2 and @ 07 days 305 KG/cm2 and @ 28 days 420 KG/cm2

Payment method: FFDLC, SBLC or BG at buyer's option

Ordering procedures:
1. Buyer issues icpo or LOI and BCL
2. Seller issues FCO
3. Buyer signs, seals and returns FCO
4. Seller issues draft contract
5. Buyer and seller sign and seal final contract
6. Buyer issues non-operative L/c
7 seller issues operative 2 % pbg activating the L/c
8. Sgs inspection at loading port
9. Shipment commences

If you are interested the above offer, please send loi+bcl or icpo for us to proceed. We could also handle to supply 32.5 and 52.5 types cements.

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