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cement You May Also Be Interested In: calcium aluminate exothermic or white portland cement
Portland Cement is a fine grey powder, predominantly comprised of calcium silicate and calcium aluminate, with a small proportion of gypsum.
White portland cement is made from raw materials containing little or no iron or manganese, the substances that give conventional cement its grey colour.

Portland Cement is produced by buring or sintering, at a temperature in excess of 1400&C, a finely ground mixture of raw materials which contain predominantly calcium carbonate, aluminium oxide, silica and iron oxide. The cooled clinker formed is ground under controlled conditions with the addition of a small amount of gypsum (to control the rate of hardening) . Portland cement is a hydraulic material, which requires the addition of water in order to form exothermic bonds, and is not soluble in water.

Portland Cement is most often supplied in 50 kg bags, 3-ply Kraft paper or polypropylene, on pallets, 1.2 x 1.0m, 5 bags per layer, 6 layers high, and plastic film wrapped, total 1.5 tonnes per pallet. Delivery is also available in bulk, or please enquire if otherwise required.

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Compliance : United States Standard ASTM C 150 or
British Standard BS 12/1996 or
European Standard EN 197-1/2000.
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