Sell cemented carbide rock drilling tool, mining, oil field drilling bit

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YG3 K01 14.9-15.3 >=1180 >=90.5 Fitting precision lathe, semi-precision lathe, and small section precision lathe in continuous cutting of cast iron, colored metal and its alloy, and unallied material (rubber, fibre, plastic, plank rock, glass, and black lead electrode, etc) . And fitting for whirling and hole expanding of precision lathe, glass incising, wet lubricating and plucking of steel, colored metal and its allied wire, and hole-drilling of nonmetal material, etc.

YG6X K10 14.8-15.1 >=1420 >=91 Fitting for processing of cold and hard cast iron, alloy cast iron, refractory steel, and alloy steel, as well as finish machining of ordinary cast iron.

YG6A K10 14.7-15.1 >=1370 >=91.5
YG6 K20 14.7-15.1 >=1520 >=89.5 Fitting precision lathe in nonstop cutting of cast iron, colored metal and its alloy and nonmetal material; semi- precision lathe, precision lathe, small-section precision lathe in interrupted cutting, whirling of rough turn, vortex lathe, also fitting for semi-precision milling and precision lathe with continuous surface; and sometime, it is applied to rough expanding of hole, dry lubricating and plucking of steel, colored metal and its allied wire, also be served in geological prospecting, machines and tools manufacturing, and serving as the drill bit in wind-drill and electric drill of coal digging as well.

YG8N K20-K30 14.5-14.9 >=1670 >=90.0 Precise processing of hard cast iron, ball-ink cast iron, white iron and colored metal.

YG8 K20-K30 14.6-14.9 >=1670 >=89.0 Fitting rough turn, rough planing, and precision milling in interrupted cutting and smoothless surface in processing of cast iron, colored metal and its alloy, and nonmetal
material; drilling and expanding of ordinary and deep hole; plucking of stick and pipe material of colored metal and its alloy; and it is also serving as head of electric drill, tool of coal incising machine, oil-well drill bit, and drill bit in geological prospecting etc; machine and tool accessory which is easy to wear and tear, such as spout, finial, guiding equipment, top forging-pole, perforation tool, and woodworker blade and so on.
YG8C K30 14.5-14.9 >=1815 >=87.5 Fitting serving as rock drill in concussion and gyration charge to chisel medium-rigidity or hard rock; tooth of coal-incising machine to sever hard nip-stone; processing of oil-well drill bit and hard stone material; plucking of steel stick and steel pipe with high compression ratio; and it is applied to manufacture machining knife, cutting blade, and electric drill aiguilles, etc.
YG11C K40 14.0-14.4 >=2060 >=86.5 Being applied to border-manufacture drilling bit used by heavy charge, such as drill aiguilles are used in deep hole drilling and rock drilling terrace vehicle, etc.
YD02 K30 14.3-14.7 >=2060 >=86.0 Fitting for manufacturing woodworker cutter.
YD03 K40 14.2-14.6 >=2060 >=87 Fitting for manufacturing heightened and thickened striking drill flake of electric clock.

YD32 K40 14-14.4 >=2060 >=87 Fitting for manufacturing big striking drill flake of electric clock.
YG15 K40 13.9-14.1 >=2020 >=87 Be fit for concussion and gyration charge to chisel hard and extremely hard terrane; extending of steel stick and steel pipe with high compressibility; and be applied to pressing tools and mould core of hard alloy automatic compressive machine, etc.
YG20 13.4-13.8 >=2450 >=85 Be fit for manufacturing of striking and compressing mould tool, such as striking or compressing of watch accessory and spring flake of musical instrument, etc; clash-manufacturing of battery cell and mould of toothpaste hull; striking and compressing mould of small-size steel ball, bolt, and screw cap; compressing plank of heat-rolled twist drill bit.

YG20C 13.4-14.8 >=2260 >=82 Fitting manufacturing cold upsetting, cold striking, or cold compressing mould in standard accessory, axletree, and tools industry, as well as warhead and cartridge case of striking and compressing mould.

Brand Name
Supply Capacity
1000 kilogram per Month
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
50 kilogram
Power Requirements
240 volts
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L/C at sight
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Warranty Coverage
labor and materials 90 days