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Availability Of Cenosphere( MICROLITE ) and Dry Fly Ash from India

Cenospheres ( Microlite ) are inert hollow silicate spheres. Microlite is primarily used to reduce the weight of Plastics, Rubbers, Resins, cements etc. Microlite used extensively as filler lubricants in oil drilling operations under high heat and high stress conditions down the hole. Also used as oil well cementing, mud putty and similar applications.

Cenospheres were first used in the United states as an extender for plastic compounds , as they are compatible with plastisols thermoplastics, Latex, Polyesters, Epoxies, Phenolic resins, and urethanes. The compatibility of Cenospheres with speciality cements and adhesives coating and composites have been well identified. Cenosphere are widely used in a variety of products, including sports equipment, insulations, automobile bodies, marine craft bodies, paints and fire and heat protection devices.

Typically applied in Gypsum board jointing compounds, veneering plasters, stuccos, sealants, coatings and cast resins. Providing the advantages of reduces weight , increased filler loadings, better flow characteristics, less shrinkage and warping and reduces water absorption.

Listed below is the multitude of applications where Cenospheres are now extensively used.

Ceramics :- Refractories, Castables, Tile, Fire Bricks, Aluminum Cement, Insulating , Material, Coatings.

Plastics :-BMC, SMC, Injection Moulding, Moulding, Extruding PVC Flooring, Film, Nylon, High density Polyethylene, Low Density Polyethylene, polypropylene.

Constuction :- Speciality Cements, Mortars Grouts Stuccos, Roofing Material, Acoustical Panels, Coatings, Shotcrete, Gunite Etc.

Recreation :-Marine Craft Floation Devices, Bowling Balls, Surf Boards, Kayaks, Golf Equipment, Footwear, Lawn & Garden Dicor.

Automotive :- Composites , Undercoatings, Tires, Engine Parts, Brake Pads, Trim Mouldings, Body Fillers, Plastics, Sound Proofing Materials.

Energy & Tecnology :- Oil well Cements, Drilling Muds, Industrial Coatings, Grinding Materials, Aerospace Coatings and & composites, Explosives, Propeller Blades.

Microjet Technology Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad is harvesting and processing Company for Microsphere, Cenosphere & Dry Fly ash and other fly ash related products. Marketed under the brand name of MICROLITE . We have been regularly supplying such material to customers in India and Abroad. We are interested in making supplies to you also, on specification and approval of sample, rates, terms and conditions.


 Free flowing
 Off-white in colour
 Corrossion Proof
 Fire and flame retardant
 Low density
 Improved Flowablity
 Low shrinkage
 Thermal stability
 High compressive strength

Chemical Properties for Cenosphere :
1. Silica 50-60%
2. Alumina 33-39%
3. Iron Oxide 1.3-5%
4. Calcium 0.5-1.5%
5. Manganese 0.8-1.5%
6. CO2 Gas 70%
7. Nitrogen Gas 30%

Physical Properties Of Cenosphere
1. Particle size 5 to 200 Microns
2. Density .45 Gms / cc
3. Moisture Less Than 2%
4. Sinkers Less than 3%
5. Hardness 5-6 Moh Scale
6. Loss on Ignition- 2% Max
7. Melting Point 1250-1450Deg. C
8. Solubility Negligible in water

Quantity:-75/ 100 metric Tons per Month against confirmed irrevocable Letter of Credit.
Packing :- In Jumbo bags, Duly strapped, and shrink wrapped on wooden pallet.
Price : :-Price . will be quoted on request per Metric Ton.

Supply Capacity
100Mt per month
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
15 days
Minimum Order Quantity
Terms of Payment