Sell centrifugal cooler

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Large centrifugal cooler
It is called sweat cooling that the water vaporizers naturally and it will make the heat air isolate and cool the air. When you stand by the sea and your wetted skin is blown by wind, you will feel cool and comfortable. it is because during the water vaporizers, it will absorb the heat from the air ad make the temperature lower.
Our air conditioner uses a kind of vaporizing filtrating netting, which has multilayer ripples. It has a good capability of hydrophile aeration and filtration. The actual vaporizing area is 100times as it surface area It has burliness texture, is durable from water. It can not be rot and distort. its normal useful life can be over 5 years.
It combines dropping temperature, ventilating, anti-dust, reducing smell and energy saving conditioner.

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