Sell ceramic ball

ceramic ball
The products of our corporation have excellent acid resistance and water absorption. Thousands cubic meters of products were delivered to United States, Germany, South Africa, Singapore, Korea, England, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Italy, Kuwait and Israel.
The typical data is as follows:
Acid Resistance 99.98%; Water Absorption 0.12%; Compressive Strength Min. 1200kg/cm; Shock Strength 1.0-1.5kgf. cm/cm; Stability of quenching: Twice Quenching from 200 to 20 -not Cracking; Chemical Composition: SiO60-75%, AlO 17-30%, FeO 0.2-1.7%, KO 1.7-3.5%; NaO 0.1-3.0%; Cao 0.1-0.7%; Mgo 0.1-1.0%
physical Properties:
Density 2.2-2.5g/cm Hardness 7;
Specific Heat 0.6-0.9 cal/g. c; Temperature Resistance > 700
Thermal Conductivity 1.1-1.45W/(m. k)