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Vary size and specification, different alumina contents as you required.

The below is the details for the high alumina balls:

These products are made from Alpha alumina that has a very low silica content. The high purity and strength make this an ideal choice for high temperature and stream applications where it is necessary to avoid the problems of leached silica coating downstream equipment or fouling or poisioning the catalyst bed.

Other qualities are:
Monolith structure eliminates in-service spalling and delamination, which prevents the incidence of fine chips and splinters plugging beds of catalyst.
Maximum resistance to erosion and low attrition minimizes the possibility of catalyst contamination
High thermal shock resistance

Ammonia production: herewith temperatures can reach 1250C with pressure as high as 3500kpa
Methanol and hydrogen production: primarily reforming
Alkylation process using hydrogen fluoride at high temperatures
Naphtha reforming

Chemical composition
SiO2 0.14%
Fe2O3 0.05%
Al2O3 99.36%
TiO2 0.017%
CaO 0.001%
MgO 0.001%
K2O 0.04%
Na2O 0.39%

Physical properties
Packing density 1. 9-2.2 MT/M3
Water absorption <1.5%
Particle density 3.4-3.7 g/cm3
Apparent porosity <5%
Max operating temp. 1600C

Crush strength Kg/particle KN/particle
1/8 or 3mm >203 >2
1/4 or 6mm >459 >4.5
1/2 or 13mm >877 >8.6
3/4 or 19mm >1220 >12
1 or 25mm >1630 >16
1.5 or 38mm >2340 >23
2 or 50mm >3460 >34
3 or 76mm >4790 >47