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Inert aluminum oxide ceramic balls are widely used in many fields, including petroleum, chemical engineering, fertilizer production, natural gas and environmental protection. They are used as covering and supporting materials of catalysts in reaction vessels and as packing in towers. Having stable chemical features and a low rate of water absorption, they can resist high temperatures and high pressure. They can also resist the corrosion of acid, alkali and some other organic solvents, and are able to stand the change in temperature during the manufacturing process. The main role of these ceramic balls is to increase the distribution spots of gas or liquid, and to support and protect the activating catalyst with low strength.
This product was developed and produced by our company, and won 'New Outstanding Products' and 'Technology Improvement' prizes in 1998. It also ranked among the top new products in the same year, and gained a certificate of technological achievement in 1990. It was commended as a famous brand product in 1996, and in recent years obtained a certificate ratified by Sinopech annually. After the product entered the market, customers praised it highly as being a match for imported products, with some technology indexes superior to that of foreign products.
Chemical Composition
Chemical Composition Content Requirement
Al2O3 (Marked Value +4) %
Al2O3+SiO2 >=92%
Fe2O3 <1%
Remarks: Technological indexes can be customized to meet user requirements.
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