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Product Series:
1260ceramic fiber machine-process board QDQTTX-1260B
High-purity ceramic fiber machine-process board QDQTTX-1427B
High-purity ceramic fiber flame shield board QDQTTX-364D
High-aluminum ceramic fiber flame shield board QDQTTX-464D

low heat storage, low thermal conductivity
Non-crisp material, excellent tensile.
Excellent wind corrosion capability and tenacity.
Excellent thermal stability and thermal shock capability.
Excellent sound absorb capability
Rigidity, self-support board
Excellent desquamate resistance capability
Convenient processed or cut

Ceramic fiber process board and flame shield was processed by vacuum formed techniques, the intention of researching this product is to process the self-support and rigid fiber board which had excellent thermal insulation capability

Ceramic fiber process board and flame shield board have more intensity than fiber blanket and vacuum formed felt, which apply to the region of requiring rigid intensity otherwise, according to apply requirement, the thermal insulation, abrasion-resistance and intensity of board need to improve more. If there have vacuum formed ceramic fiber board product with a bigger density

High purity ceramic fiber flame shield apply to the mostly environment of the highest temperature is 1260 centigrade special formula make its performance reinforced under more than 1000 centigrade environment

Ceramic fiber flame shield is an excellent intensity board which is processed with special additive. This product is tenacity, excellent pressure resistance and thermal insulation &excellent self-support capability; as excellent thermal insulation materials of industrial furnace temperature section

The ingredient of ceramic fiber process board and flame shield which included a little organic binder to reinforce their cooling intensity, the organic matter could be burn off at first burning approximately 200 to 300 centigrade
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