Sell ceramic fiber paper

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 Classification Temperature: 12600.
 Description: Our ceramic fiber paper is manufactured by refractory fiber with high purity which is used in high-temperature insulating fields. The advance manufacturing technology makes the distribution of fiber be very even and the papers thickness and storage can also be controlled strictly. Our ceramic fiber paper is made of refractory ceramic fiber with a little bond which is selected scientifically and controlled strictly. The bond will be completely burnt during the use. The product is purely white and flexible with excellent flatness and mechanical working performance as well as excellent refractory and insulating effect. The product does not contain asbestos and is perfect material for sealing and insulating.
 Product Characteristics:
1. Flat surface and uniform thickness
2. No asbestos and anti-corrosive
3. Excellent chemical stability
4. Flexible and anti-tearing
5. Low thermal conductivity
6. Excellent mechanical working performance
7. Excellent electric and sound insulation
8. Excellent thermal shock resistance
 Application Range:
1. High temperature insulating, sealing, protecting material for industry.
2. Electric and thermal insulation for electric industry.
3. Insulation for instrument-equipment.
4. Insulation material for motor industry.