Sell ceramic fiber

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t has low heat conductivity, thermal stability, chemical stability, and no causticity. Brake linings made from ceramic fiber have high temperature resistance and decentrality, can be used in brake linings which requires high temperature resistance and heat recovery capacity, it also can be used in all types if mixer
Recommendatory dosage:
Brake drum: 20-35%
Brake disc: 10-25%
Fiber technology indicators:
NO. Projects Technical indicators
1 The average fiber length 1.0-3.5mm
2 The average fiber diameter 2.0-4.0 microns
3 Fiber Distribution 40# 30-40% 60# 40%-60%
4 Heat shrinkable <4%(1500 0 /8H)
5 Slag content <4%
6 Fiber moisture <1.5%
7 refractoriness >17000
8 Work temperature -80-12000