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The ceramic knife is made by zirconia powder whose another name is "ceramic steel". it is used in modern kitchen and has a lot of advantages the metal knife cannot match. such as:

1. sharp knife edge, with this knife, people can slice pieces of meat as thin as pieces of paper.

2. high hardness, never be worn and torn, it is as hard as HRA87. Its wearing capacity is 60 times as much as metal knife.

3. never rust and change colour, healthy and environment-friendly. It can resist the corrosion of various acid-base organic matter. it is safe and sound even if bolied several hours in qua fortis.

4. resit contamination, easy to clean, nonmagnetic, fully compact materials, no pore

5. food can retain its original colour and flavor, the product is made by materials with stable chemical properties and resistant to react with food.

6. pure white and sweet colour, like jade. add noble sense

7. the ceramic knife fully embodies the green and environment-friendly concept of new materials in new century. it is another masterpiece the modern high and new technology brought to people.
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