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Alumina ceramic rollers are widely used in ceramic kiln .
our main products are as following :
1. ok969(AL2O3 content min72%, max. temp. 1220 centigrade )
2. ok979 (AL2O3 content min76%, max. temp. 1280 centigrade )
3. ok989 (AL2O3 content min81%, max. temp. 1350 centigrade )
4. ok999(AL2O3 content min85%max. temp. 1450 centigrade )
Quality inspection must be conducted before use for new ceramic roller. Inspection concluded:
1. dimensional tolerance of rollers 2. bending strength ; 3. thermal shock resistance property 4. refractory degree; 5. . wearloss resistance property
1. The correct use of ceramic roller
1. 100mm Ceramic cottons are stuffed in two sides of new purchased roller and mark in one side of ceramic roller. Use once in kiln , just mark once for confirming the use life for ceramic roller.
2. Ceramic roller need coat protecting coating on the surface before going into kiln. The length of sizing is longer 100mm than effective width in kiln. Thickness is between 0. 8and1. 2m m . and size two times. The surface of ceramic roler need keep clean before sizing.
3. Before the roller is installed in kiln, make sure to warm-up and dry 24h .
4. After coating protecting coating for bottom of body material, need change sticky viscera in time. Usually, change them together under 800 0.
5. The roller is installed or taken out as soon as possible. The roller taker out need correct cooling method to avoid emergency cooling of the part and cause damage.
6. The roller taken out need correct cooling method and avoid to put it on the floor directly, Usually, adopting machinery rotation bracket. The method of vertical suspension cooling roller is better.
7. After the roller changed is burnished, we need to inspect straightness and diameter for using next time.
8. Choose reasonable method to make body material and coating of bottom of tile. The coating on the surface of roller can reduce chemical erosion of roller body and accident of roller rupture.
2. Integrate use of ceramic roller.
1. After the rollers in high temperature section are used 10 times, we can use in preheating zone. The rollers which are used in preheating zone later period can be used at the beginning of the kiln and the end of the kiln.
2. When rollers have bigger bending, deforming, excessive wearloss on the surface and the diameter is becoming smaller, We can use them in preheating zone or cooling section. Furthermore, adjust electrical machine subi in preheating zone, and reduce interval in every row to offset out of alignment and the unbalance . Over standard rollers can be cut into small roller for using.
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