Sell ceramic seal or bracket

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At present the domestic belt of transporting machine is commonly made of steal, it easily become rusty, early corroded by chemical materials such as acid, alkali, salt) , the working period is only 1-2years, high abrasion radio, and the steal can be recycled, so the cracked made of it is often stolen.
So we developed high-strength sealed ceramic cracked which dint become rusty forever and corrosion resistance the working period of it improve over one time than steal ones, reaching 4-5years, smooth surface, and abrasion ratio is under 0.1%, long then the using period of the belt, The cracked is not often stolen because of no value of recycling.

The acxe center of this product is precisely made of best steal, using domestic famous brand axle not being exempted to make transporting ones, the in and out of the axle are fixed maxe sealed circle, preventing from water and dust, it is fixed on high-precision fixing cracket, high concentricity, the belt not aliding off, the product is already ultilized by our company ( Patent No. :ZL99237707.2) , which is used on belt transporting machine, and is well praised by all the customers.