Sell ceramic wrist watch fillings

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Products ; Ceramic wristwatch fitting and bracelet ; all minor sorts
Product name: Ceramic bracelet
Product specification: various
Product note: ceramic bracelet
Product category: ceramic wristwatch fitting and bracelet-Zirconium gem bracelet
Product information: detailed information
Product explanation
The characteristic of the zirconium oxide ceramics series wristwatch fitting which our company produces is as followings:
1 Degree of hardness approaches the natural diamond, lighter than the metal, never wears, does not change color and so on the gem characteristic
2 Has extremely high guards against the attrition, antioxidation, never rusts, never changes color, can not create the skin allergy
3 Highly insulates, does not have the metal and galvanization pollution, is the clock and watch field ideal environmental protection material
4 High density black ceramics bracelet product. The sense of reality and vision unusual is refined
5 Hard incomparable, artistic is durable, does not damage the flesh, perspective unique gloss, product lofty magnificent and radiant bright
6 Vanguard fashion product design, will bring the extremely high economic efficiency for the user