Sell cermet trimmer/potentiometer(3296)

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Chengdu Guozheng Electronics Co. , Ltd, . As a specialized enterprise engaged in the research and production for the Glass Glaze Potentiometer series (WI) , such as 3296,3386,3006,3269,3323,3266,3329 ,3362. wire-wound potentiometer series(WX) , such as WX13-11, WX13-12, WX14-11, WX14-12, WXD3-13, WXD3-12, WX111(WX030) , WX112(WX050) , WX110(WX010) , WX100, WXD2-53, WXD3-13S, wire-wound potentiometer resistors series(RX) , such as RX20, RX21, RX24, RX27 and precision wire-wound resistor. such as RX70, RX71 , the Chengdu Guozheng Electronics Co. , Ltd. has been recognized by the state to be the High-tech enterprise.

The BOCHEN brand series of products manufactured by the company have been widely applied in fields like meters and apparatuses, post and telecommunications, electricity power, railway signal, aviation and aerospace, etc.

The company has established the quality guarantee system strictly according to the ISO9002 Quality standard sicne its foundation. In 1999, the company has been approved by the Quality Certification System and vested the certificate, By the end of 2000, the company was approved by Chengdu Municipal Foreign Trade Commission with Foreign Trade Operation Right vested.

With the enterprise spirit of Union, Practice, Exploitation and Innovation, the Guozheng people is now trying the best go forge a noted national brand under the brand-new notion of Quality Proves All, Technology Crestes Limited Space and the service tenet of Paying First Attention to the Quality and Clients Interests.